TranZwear All In One Sport Harness

There aren’t many review on harnesses for packers or pack and plays other than . We all know about rodeoh, spaceports and other various brands but there aren’t many reviews on Tranzwears AllInOne Sport Harness, hence this review ^-^

Company : Tranzwear
Customer service: The customer service is great! I remember emailing them a few times with questions on sizing and they usually got back to me the same day. Pretty much everything is made in house so its really easy to get something customized.
Shipping: It came in a small box the harness was in a plastic baggie and there was some info on how to care for it. Shipping was discreet and I got it within a few weeks.
Use: I used this for packing with a EC 5.5” Pack and Play and a Mr. Limpy and it worked AMAZINGLY for me. I bought this harness because i was looking to a harness that would work well with my  EC pack and play but it ended up working very well with my mr.limpy stp as well.  Its made with a plastic drop ring (which doesn’t cut into the cyberskin as much as a metal ring does) and elastic. My harness had a leg strap design which worked really well with the stp I was using at the time because it pulls the ring and ball cage sit lower so there isn’t too much adjusting. I hear the thigh strap sits higher up. The only issue I have found from this harness is that it stretches out a bit over time but I fixed this by just taking it in some and sewing it up. I also suggest you measure before you buy! The leg straps came a little bit looser than I expected but I just fixed that myself as well.
Sadly I haven’t had a chance to try it during play but I can see how it would hold against my body well enough.
 I definitely suggest this harness for packer that you use as an STP.
Any questions feel free to shoot me an email to


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